Inspirtation part trois.

Well, where do i begin? There has been so much drama lately and it has all been so pointless. Thanks to one person who cant seem to get it together and must tell the whole world oh woe is me.

Anyway, besides that, there has also been a lot of positive floating around lately. Dent radio is doing well and I think a few of the ladies and I, as a team will work even better together because of the little mess that just happened. But no one is crying over spilled milk, just keep moving right?

Today was also the first day of the semester. Guess what guys, its my last semester of college! Yay! I was.. well still am considering going to grad school.... but "school" in general is such a pain hehehe. I'm so lazy, but maybe i'm not that lazy if i made it this far and literally this far. Physically and mentally its been a long way coming. School wasnt that bad, you know, the usual TUJ fuckery but that's no surprise so overall it was fine. I realized now that i'm actually out of the groove. Waking up early this morning made me super sleepy by 1pm. I was ready for bed when i was sitting in class. -___-

Lastly, I just wanted to mention some inspiration. Lately I have been seeing so many good things from my generation, I'm really proud of all of the 80s babies making moves these days. I saw one of my friends movie trailers to his up and coming first documentary about crack addicts in Atlanta. Seem's like he's pretty passionate about it and that was pretty inspiring to see. Also I dont know her personally but i love watching "Michelle Phan's" make up tutorials on youtube. Though i suck at pretty much all of those tutorials myself, she's always putting out good energy and I can appreciate that because it works. All of this drama and negativity that myself and a few others around me have been dealing with has been making me "Feel some kind of way" and I dont like that at all. lol Its not even that serious.  But anyway, I'd rather not get into details. If i stop thinking about it maybe it will just go away. I've done my part at least. ____ should too. Just dont have keyboard courage. Learned that from my mentor Rashan Ali. The stuff that _____ was mailing to me and texting to me ____ would never say in person. Okay okay let me stop before i get frustrated again.
Anyway, put something positive out there. It might change someones' day, you never know who's watching or reading.

"For we are God's handiwork. Created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do" - Ephesians 2:10

Enjoy the music below~!