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The RaNdom blog here since 08.
Sorry guys... im not going with the trends changing my blog to tumblr and ish... random will stay right here.

u know i like to party... well used to.

u know i like to party... well used to.


i believed in it before, but
i REALLY do believe in love now.

see it & feel it.

heyya.... I dont think anyone checks this blog anymore so i'm probably writing this to myself. Doesnt matter... its kinda therapeutic. Anyway, so much has happened since i last blogged. like if i write down everything it prob would take me three hours to type all that shit out.
i'll briefly run through somethings and then get to what i was thinking about ... just now.

Well I am no longer in Japan because of the earthquake. I pretty much was evacuated cause shit started to get real. With only a month away from graduation at the time, I had to go to my university's main campus in Philadelphia to finish getting my BA. That whole situation was pretty scary and sometimes i feel like that set me back a whole year in life because it fucked up a lot of plans that i had. I'm not used to things not going the way ive planned, because its never NOT happened that way. it kinda put me in this funk for a while like "wtf should i do now" but things are s l o w l y but surely working out. Those six weeks i had to spend in philly were pretty epic i guess. I met some awesome people and after that traumatic BS with the earthquake in japan, it was nice to have seen people in Philly who were in japan at the time. (long story short main campus is in philly... no one knew who got evacuated where, but there were a lot of students from tokyo that ended up in philly) But anyway, we had that common bond and we all understood each others situation like no one else so it was stressful... indeed but it was necessary somehow.

okay, so three months later, i am back in atlanta. lots of things have been changing but i can tell its all for the good. Ive learned a lot about myself over these past few months you could say and ive made some really great new relationships with people here. some new, some old but advanced on. But all appreciated. ugh.... ive already written too much but havent said anything at all...again, i promise ill get better at writing on here. OH! okay... blah blah blah skip skip.... to yesterday - Aug. 20. 2011

Last night, my friend had a performance at the hard rock cafe and I helped host the show.
all of the acts were awesome, but i was quite amazed with my group of friends. (well fam... they're fam now) I'm not biased (maybe) but i had to take a step back for a second. I remembered watching them perform on stage a few years ago and saw how much progress they all have made in the past couple of years. i was so amazed & it really inspired me. There's no doubt in my mind they they wont be successful. They are all so blessed with talent and good hearts i know that they will do well.
The whole vibe of the event was pretty awesome. It was also another friend's bday (sorry trying to keep this short....x_x) he seemed like he was having a good time.
lots of love and positivity last night. i'm glad i could be a part of that because sometimes i easily get sucked in to BS and negativity around me that i forget how much love i have around me and how good life is right now. i'm only making it harder for myself being moody and stressed out.

lots of beautiful things going on. i wish i could say more but my nails are too long to keep typing and now my fingers hurt. lol

ill be back soon.
i promise.

Leaving a tune for ya, like i always do.

Thank God.

For you and your music.

i miss that smile.


Ever feel like what your doing is not enough? Or that what you do now seems like no one appreciates it? Or just feel like your in a never ending circle of no where land.

Well thats where i am right now. Uber frustrated. So much fuckery its ridiculous. Gosh i feel like

so many people in this music shit only look to the same people, who really don't give a **** about them. Only because they feel like they are the only people making moves?....maybe. Did i explain that right? ... why work with the same people over and over when you talk so much shit about that person anyway?....

I wish everyone would get off of other people's dicks... seriously....
The world is so much bigger than your circle + what 95% of these people think.
Sorry for being angry! But thats half of what blogging is all about right?

I wonder if i can last a whole week w/o tweeting or using any social network. I may need to try it to calm my lil self down.
I wonder if ppl will even care if i skip a week of dent and just not do/say anything at all.

and why the fuck are all the youtube videos so huge...

Highways of My Life

I love this song by the Isley Brothers! Thank you @DjTomoko for helping me remember the name!

Version 1: Ucca Laugh and Dj Tomoko "ラブ合ちん" Live

Version 2: Ethereal "Tea At the Treedome"

Original version: The Isley Brothers "Highways of my Life"

Yes. I love them all.

Summer '10

Yes! I'm late again hahah as usual... but as i started to get ready (Going to meet Eri in Shibuya)
Janelle Monae's "Tight Rope" came on.
It just made me remember how her album made my summer back home that much more memorable.
I was taking classes at Georgia State over the summer and as I mentioned in an earlier post, I had this HORRIBLE teacher first thing in the morning.
Listening to this song made me remember how much i tried to have a good day even though i had to go see her face! lol
I would always text my friend Deucez in the morning and while on the way to school listening to "Tight Rope" (Dont text and dive folks!)

Good times + good friends.
Thats all i wanted to say. :)

Hope you enjoy this song as much as i did over the summer!
dance with me!!

oh.. i dunno why this is sooo freaking huge... but no time to fix, running out the door!

Few more to go.

Last time i checked, i told obie i  had 122 more days until graduation.
Hmmm but that was a few days ago now. lol

So far so good, things have been good. But now that its coming down to the wire (soon) I see myself starting to get a bit #lowkey stressed out. Working on dent, trying to finish my last semester of college with out failing anything, trying to get a part time job, planing a music festival, looking for a "real job" writing proposals, while mildly keeping a social life. lol rawrzzzz
Its okay. Ive got some good music and good people out there to help me get through it. There's a bunch of faces i cant wait to see back home, thats motivation enough.
Hmm usually to get through my day I listen to.....
obie (prob... usually... all fucking day)
Dj smiles "just got up, and i'm ready for another night" <-reminds me of riding down 285 on a summer day
Nouveau Riche

Yup. Thats about it.

Hahahah me and poor craig always used to sing this while werking at patchwerk!

American Terrorist

"if a Muslim woman strapped with a bomb on a bus with the seconds running gives you the jitters,
just imagine an American-based Christian organization planning to poison water supplies to bring the second-coming quicker" -Lupe Fiasco 

Once again...

back at where i started about a year ago. I really wish people in japan weren't so lost and confused all the fucking time. Literally its starting to drive me crazy (again) I thought i was over it and accepted it. Buttttttttttttttt clearly i'm not over it. After having a conversation with one of my friends. I'm back at where i was last year. I don't have much time left here, so i need to get right. Leave with no grudges and ect...
Its just so mind boggling/hurtful of how people can be so empty.

Because of what??? Dont believe in anything, you'll fall for everything.
Grow some Japan

Well, one of my friends sent a post card to my mom and mom asked me today why haven't i ever sent her one? lol good question. lazy i guess.
I figured since i was going to send her one, i might as well send them out to people who need them back home. I talked to a lot of my friends (via skype) and a lot of them out there seem down. Then I thought, why not just extend that gesture to my FB and twitter fam, even out to you reading. Anyone who wants a post card from Tokyo, let me know. I'll more than likely send them out at the end of the week so i'm collecting PO Boxes, or mailing address now :)

Plus, i think this will help with one of my new years resolutions. Every year i write down goals and things i want to accomplish before the year is over. One thing i wrote down was "Love more". That can mean anything right? But i kinda mean it on many different levels. I dont wanna go into detail about it... ive noticed ive been writing a looooot on here lately. so i'll spare you.
Just know that i'll be sending out love from tokyo. Also leaving you with this.
enjoy :)

dont forget to check out #DENTradio

Inspirtation part trois.

Well, where do i begin? There has been so much drama lately and it has all been so pointless. Thanks to one person who cant seem to get it together and must tell the whole world oh woe is me.

Anyway, besides that, there has also been a lot of positive floating around lately. Dent radio is doing well and I think a few of the ladies and I, as a team will work even better together because of the little mess that just happened. But no one is crying over spilled milk, just keep moving right?

Today was also the first day of the semester. Guess what guys, its my last semester of college! Yay! I was.. well still am considering going to grad school.... but "school" in general is such a pain hehehe. I'm so lazy, but maybe i'm not that lazy if i made it this far and literally this far. Physically and mentally its been a long way coming. School wasnt that bad, you know, the usual TUJ fuckery but that's no surprise so overall it was fine. I realized now that i'm actually out of the groove. Waking up early this morning made me super sleepy by 1pm. I was ready for bed when i was sitting in class. -___-

Lastly, I just wanted to mention some inspiration. Lately I have been seeing so many good things from my generation, I'm really proud of all of the 80s babies making moves these days. I saw one of my friends movie trailers to his up and coming first documentary about crack addicts in Atlanta. Seem's like he's pretty passionate about it and that was pretty inspiring to see. Also I dont know her personally but i love watching "Michelle Phan's" make up tutorials on youtube. Though i suck at pretty much all of those tutorials myself, she's always putting out good energy and I can appreciate that because it works. All of this drama and negativity that myself and a few others around me have been dealing with has been making me "Feel some kind of way" and I dont like that at all. lol Its not even that serious.  But anyway, I'd rather not get into details. If i stop thinking about it maybe it will just go away. I've done my part at least. ____ should too. Just dont have keyboard courage. Learned that from my mentor Rashan Ali. The stuff that _____ was mailing to me and texting to me ____ would never say in person. Okay okay let me stop before i get frustrated again.
Anyway, put something positive out there. It might change someones' day, you never know who's watching or reading.

"For we are God's handiwork. Created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do" - Ephesians 2:10

Enjoy the music below~!


One of the best nights. Because it was so random and happened totally by accident. love you guys.

今年もよろしく Happy New year

Just wanted to go over some things I thought about last night on my way home after the countdown party in Shibuya. I randomly thought of all of the good things that happened in 2010 and all of the sucky events that happened as well. Most good. I lost a few people by the end of 2010 but i gained more. I never know what to expect in a year, so much can change and so many things happen. Usually, i will always write down what i want to accomplish in the year and so far i've been successful at completing the things on my list or coming close to it. Even unintentionally, i'm a believer in setting goals for yourself. Speak it into existence, God will guide you through it and you good.

Now lemme see if i can even remember half of the things from 2010 i talked about with myself last night.... yeah thats right. #dontjudge lol

Beginning of 2010: I brought in the New year in Atl with some of my favorite people and we danced all night and had such a great time. Now two of those people who i was closes to, eh.. maybe we arent so close right now but i'm 100% sure those relationships can be fixed.

March: Kyono threw me a Nomihoudai karaoke bday party in shibuya (japan). Earlier that day me and Aimi went to an onesen... wonderful and drank about two bottles each and we still weren't drunk :( lol 

Skipping to the summer ...

Came back to Atl to spend the summer at home while working, attending school and interning.
@deucez kept me company every morning via text while i was dying in class... my one teacher was the worst.
That part time job i picked up was janky as hell and i didnt even stay there long... they can #HAGD
partied everyday... yeah i think so....

Passed out and busted my head at MJQ.... thanks @GoDreamer for telling me to "WAKE YO ASS UP" hahaha + thanks aware for driving home... even though that was dangerous cause you were drunk too smh

had an internship w/ a dj... yeah i'm thankful for the opportunity but... im not sure i gained anything out of it... besides to stay away from drama lol which i already knew. meh. 

Grabbed lunch everyday on my break from school w/ uncle Tuki since he was always free during my break and my class was literally... a few footsteps away from his house.

Had an interesting talk with Ronnie. thats all i have to say.

Met tomochan. I have to admit, i didnt take him seriously over the summer because i knew i was going back to japan and i always thought... (this nigga aint gon call me once im back home in japan) lol i was wrong! :)

Had a falling out at a party.. lol boy that was weird.
had a falling out with my grandmother... she was waiting for that and i knew it was coming.

Came back to japan hitoride again :(

Started #DENTradio which i love thou i'm having some issues with it now

YUME fest. yes. met some WONDERFUL people. too many to name. eventhough I didnt get a chance to hang out with them how i would have liked to because of school, i'm pretty sure that ill be connected with those ppl for a long time.

Threw my 1st event with classmates at VUENOS shibuya. 300 fucking people. amazing.

then finals which = more stress lol

now its 2011.

"Happy New Year? No. Happy New Now! I’m not waiting 365 more days to refresh and be happy. ” -@Daisha_Hunter

I wanna dance to this all night.