Few more to go.

Last time i checked, i told obie i  had 122 more days until graduation.
Hmmm but that was a few days ago now. lol

So far so good, things have been good. But now that its coming down to the wire (soon) I see myself starting to get a bit #lowkey stressed out. Working on dent, trying to finish my last semester of college with out failing anything, trying to get a part time job, planing a music festival, looking for a "real job" writing proposals, while mildly keeping a social life. lol rawrzzzz
Its okay. Ive got some good music and good people out there to help me get through it. There's a bunch of faces i cant wait to see back home, thats motivation enough.
Hmm usually to get through my day I listen to.....
obie (prob... usually... all fucking day)
Dj smiles "just got up, and i'm ready for another night" <-reminds me of riding down 285 on a summer day
Nouveau Riche

Yup. Thats about it.

Hahahah me and poor craig always used to sing this while werking at patchwerk!