Summer '10

Yes! I'm late again hahah as usual... but as i started to get ready (Going to meet Eri in Shibuya)
Janelle Monae's "Tight Rope" came on.
It just made me remember how her album made my summer back home that much more memorable.
I was taking classes at Georgia State over the summer and as I mentioned in an earlier post, I had this HORRIBLE teacher first thing in the morning.
Listening to this song made me remember how much i tried to have a good day even though i had to go see her face! lol
I would always text my friend Deucez in the morning and while on the way to school listening to "Tight Rope" (Dont text and dive folks!)

Good times + good friends.
Thats all i wanted to say. :)

Hope you enjoy this song as much as i did over the summer!
dance with me!!

oh.. i dunno why this is sooo freaking huge... but no time to fix, running out the door!