been a long time... shouldnt have left you....

heyya.... I dont think anyone checks this blog anymore so i'm probably writing this to myself. Doesnt matter... its kinda therapeutic. Anyway, so much has happened since i last blogged. like if i write down everything it prob would take me three hours to type all that shit out.
i'll briefly run through somethings and then get to what i was thinking about ... just now.

Well I am no longer in Japan because of the earthquake. I pretty much was evacuated cause shit started to get real. With only a month away from graduation at the time, I had to go to my university's main campus in Philadelphia to finish getting my BA. That whole situation was pretty scary and sometimes i feel like that set me back a whole year in life because it fucked up a lot of plans that i had. I'm not used to things not going the way ive planned, because its never NOT happened that way. it kinda put me in this funk for a while like "wtf should i do now" but things are s l o w l y but surely working out. Those six weeks i had to spend in philly were pretty epic i guess. I met some awesome people and after that traumatic BS with the earthquake in japan, it was nice to have seen people in Philly who were in japan at the time. (long story short main campus is in philly... no one knew who got evacuated where, but there were a lot of students from tokyo that ended up in philly) But anyway, we had that common bond and we all understood each others situation like no one else so it was stressful... indeed but it was necessary somehow.

okay, so three months later, i am back in atlanta. lots of things have been changing but i can tell its all for the good. Ive learned a lot about myself over these past few months you could say and ive made some really great new relationships with people here. some new, some old but advanced on. But all appreciated. ugh.... ive already written too much but havent said anything at all...again, i promise ill get better at writing on here. OH! okay... blah blah blah skip skip.... to yesterday - Aug. 20. 2011

Last night, my friend had a performance at the hard rock cafe and I helped host the show.
all of the acts were awesome, but i was quite amazed with my group of friends. (well fam... they're fam now) I'm not biased (maybe) but i had to take a step back for a second. I remembered watching them perform on stage a few years ago and saw how much progress they all have made in the past couple of years. i was so amazed & it really inspired me. There's no doubt in my mind they they wont be successful. They are all so blessed with talent and good hearts i know that they will do well.
The whole vibe of the event was pretty awesome. It was also another friend's bday (sorry trying to keep this short....x_x) he seemed like he was having a good time.
lots of love and positivity last night. i'm glad i could be a part of that because sometimes i easily get sucked in to BS and negativity around me that i forget how much love i have around me and how good life is right now. i'm only making it harder for myself being moody and stressed out.

lots of beautiful things going on. i wish i could say more but my nails are too long to keep typing and now my fingers hurt. lol

ill be back soon.
i promise.

Leaving a tune for ya, like i always do.