Ever feel like what your doing is not enough? Or that what you do now seems like no one appreciates it? Or just feel like your in a never ending circle of no where land.

Well thats where i am right now. Uber frustrated. So much fuckery its ridiculous. Gosh i feel like

so many people in this music shit only look to the same people, who really don't give a **** about them. Only because they feel like they are the only people making moves?....maybe. Did i explain that right? ... why work with the same people over and over when you talk so much shit about that person anyway?....

I wish everyone would get off of other people's dicks... seriously....
The world is so much bigger than your circle + what 95% of these people think.
Sorry for being angry! But thats half of what blogging is all about right?

I wonder if i can last a whole week w/o tweeting or using any social network. I may need to try it to calm my lil self down.
I wonder if ppl will even care if i skip a week of dent and just not do/say anything at all.

and why the fuck are all the youtube videos so huge...